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Apple Oil is at the forefront of new technology, introducing BioHeat to our Connecticut heating oil customers over 5 years ago. The Bio Fuel blend we carry is made from a variety of natural resources including soybeans, vegetable oils, and animal fats. Biodiesel meets fuel oil standard ASTM D 6751 because it contains no petroleum and can be blended at any level with heating oil. It can be used in home heating oil systems safely with no modifications to the fuel tanks, pumps or burners in concentrations up to 5% biodiesel. The blend that Apple Oil uses, called B-5, has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel.

  • Lowers global warming emissions
  • Lowers your yearly consumption by burning more efficiently
  • Lowers carbon dioxide emissions
  • Helps your furnace last longer by acting as a cleaning agent
  • Reduces American dependence on foreign petroleum by using organic fuels produced by farmers in the United States

If every home used the B-5 Blend, oil dependence would be reduced by 500 million barrels a year! Join the movement and switch to Apple Oils’ BioHeat!

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Apple Oil’s oil is treated with “Heating Oil Plus” which reduces fuel consumption, allowing your burner to operate at its peak efficiency and extends the life of your heating system.

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